I’m Eric Richey and I’m running to be your new Prosecutor. For the past 5 years I’ve served as your Chief Deputy Criminal Prosecutor, working to protect our community from those who commit serious crimes. I’ll continue to do my level best to keep you and your family safe. But it is clear to all that the war on drugs is over and the government lost. For low-level crimes resulting from mental illness or substance abuse, I believe we are all ready for a new direction and a new approach. I’m ready to take a fresh look at how we fix these problems and I’ve got the experience and leadership needed to make big changes. Under my leadership:

  • Serious crime will continue to result in serious sentences.
  • However, many crimes associated with drugs or mental health issues shall be diverted to treatment to reduce incarceration and to better protect the community from recidivism.
  • The current system provides little more than a revolving door in our jail doing no one any good
  • I’ll keep resources focused on serious crime while making sure we focus on treatment and keeping low-level offenders out of jail.